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The Shire of Shark Bay made important upgrades to its recycling facilities and needed an engaging way to communicate changes to the community beyond an announcement on its website. Previous recycling efforts by the council had not gone as planned and messaging needed to be transparent and help rebuild community trust.

A press release outlining the changes had been created, but the Shire was seeking a more dynamic form of communication, to get the attention of a larger number of residents.


Educate and engage

Target Audience:

Residents of Denham and visitors to the local area. Audience members may be unaware of the recycling facilities or aware, but unfamiliar with the recent changes.

View Inscription Post, October 2023,

page 6: https://jofitzgerald.digital/inspostdirect

Solution: 3 short vertical videos to be published on the Shire’s Facebook page (reshare across local ‘noticeboard’ pages).

A supporting article for submission to the Shark Bay Inscription Post.

Each video was created with a main focus - the current changes, how to get involved and the future of the scheme.

Each video also needed enough information that it could deliver the recycling message whether viewed alone or as part of the whole series.

Two versions of each video exist: green and yellow shared with the public, and with ‘Shark Bay’ brand colours for use in presentations.

Problem/Background: Sofie is an ex-marine scientist, turned watercolour artist who creates and sells art prints and other products featuring her artwork. Her products are stocked in physical stores - mostly located in coastal locations around Western Australia, but Sofie was hoping to promote and increase sales of existing and new limited-edition pieces from her online store in time for the Christmas shopping period.

Sofie already had a library of visual assets featuring the creation of her artwork as well as the finished products. However, she did not feel she had the time or technical skills to create the kind of videos she would be happy publishing to her Instagram account.

Goal: Reach and promotion

Target Audience: Instagram users based in Australia. Beachgoers, ocean-life lovers and marine biology enthusiasts, likely to be interested in products that reflect their interests and lifestyles. People interested in coastal-themed interior decor and design.

The audience may be new to Sofie Seyah or part of the existing audience being introduced to the new pre-Christmas product range.

Solution: Sofie requested a package of 8 short vertical videos. She was keen to replicate the style of Instagram reel popular with her competitors. To keep her reels unique, we decided to splice in some footage of the real-life creatures and items that inspired her work. On top of that, I was able to add storytelling elements by drawing on some quirky facts and anecdotes from her website copy.

(Note: Canva watch links do not include sound, as Sofie wanted to make her own music choices at the time of posting. Sofie did not request reel covers).

Problem/Background: Tori is a business coach for rural and remote Australian women in business. Tori had recently published a new limited podcast series and required a set of social media posts based on her podcast content to supplement her posting schedule while she cut back her working hours for the summer holidays.

Goal: Educate and engage. Encourage new email sign-ups in exchange for podcast access.

Target Audience: Rural and regional women Australian women in business, with an interest in the topic of money mindset.

The content is targeted at an audience already familiar with Tori, who may not yet have converted from social media follower to email subscriber.

Solution: Tori chose a Mix & Match package from my website (12 pieces of content - 4 single image posts, 4 carousels and 4 reels with captions) intending to have a range of creatives that could be used and repurposed across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

I was able to draw from Tori’s existing Canva and audio assets to source further complementary videos and images to create a set of on-topic social assets that fit seamlessly within her existing content plan.

Live links are unavailable, as Tori since archived her social media activity pre-2024.


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